Death of Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson , farmer from Ossington, has died suddenly at the age of 59. Here we remember a special friend, one who graced the world of campanology with his alternative profession, the construction of bell frames in his capacious farm buildings.  Church bells need sturdy frames, with accuracy at all phases of construction, and the six ton masterpiece he made for the ten bells in All Saints Church, Hawton, could not have been bettered. But this was not his only achievement. His other work on the old belfry floor and the grillage showed his industry and commitment. All of his time was given freely, he took immense pride in his work, and we will never forget his great good humour, joy and the smiles of all after jobs well done. The sound of the ten bells at Hawton will remain as a tribute for generations to come.




The Ecclesiastical Boundary of Hawton takes in part of the MIddlebeck development to the east of Newark. This is a new housing and community complex , and as the development moves towards the proposed Southern Link road, we will be welcoming more households into our parish.

 We have already welcomed families for baptisms and weddings from the new development, and have also been involved with the Christ Church Primary School. This gives us many options ofworking with all who will come to live in our parish.


At All Saints we welcome new families and individuals to our 9.30am Sunday services and to the various activities we hold in the church. We are excellent at providing refreshment for the soul and for the palate.  We think it is worth a try and look forward to seeing you

As well as this website please also check out the ‘A Church near you’ website for more information

 We are aso working closely with the Parish Council of Hawton to see what facilities can be provided for the housing development as we look to the future. We wish to boh preserve the rural feel of the parish of Hawton whilst embracing the larger development of housing.


We hope the church will soon be open for visitors but in the meantime we are preparing an audiovisual module called Info-Point to be available for information.  The intention is to have a number of chapters available. Each will have a video presentation and commentary. At present we  are planning on about eight chapters lasting a total of 30-40 minutes in the expectation that most visitors will only want to look at a few of the chapters.  The video material comes from the many hours of film that have been recorded in the church over the past four years.  If you feel there is something very important that needs to go into this record that we may otherwise forget, please get in touch with Peter Tyrer.

With the help of David Britton, Churchwarden, and Derek Smith, film maker, we now have videos of external and internal journeys around the church. These are now available for visitors to view and instructions are available in the church. 




All church services have now resumed.  

Bell-ringing will anticipate most services.  There is also bell-ringing practice between 7 and 8.30 pm on most Fridays.  Please contact David Britton or Geoff Wells if you want to join these. Young people especially invited.


The Churchyard in winter


Saturday 30th November, 2019

Our Christmas Fair was the most successful ever - and, unlike Donald Trump - we are not exaggerating.  Visitors almost exceeded 150 (147) and over £1500 was raised for further church repairs, which are going to be needed to satisfy the requirements of the quinquennial inspection.  There was a constant buzz of excitement at all the stalls and by the time Reverend Liz Murray announced the winners of the raffle at the end of the day the repeated administration of mulled wine had led all to a state of dozy contentment. We will have to work hard to better this next year.

Saturday 23rd November, 2019 

Read below this message from BellWorld
Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild
All Saints
Saturday, 23 November 2019 in 46m (14–0–2 in F)
1264 Plain Bob Major
1 H Geoffrey Wells
2 Lynda M Lazzerini
3 Christopher C P Woodcock
4 Michael A Young
5 Rev Elizabeth I Murray
6 Margaret E Chilton
7 George A Dawson
8 David J Kelly (C)
First quarter peal on the bells and believed also to be the first quarter peal rung in the tower, following the restoration of the old unringable four to the present peal of eight, which were dedicated by the Bishop of Sherwood earlier this month (2nd November) to celebrate All Saints Day, the Patronal Festival.
Rung by a band of ringers who have been closely involved with the project or supported the project in various ways. The band includes the Vicar of this Church, those who have undertaken the hanging of the bells and those who have helped locate second hand bells.
Remembering Harry Harrington and Clifford & Peggy Lawrence to whom the two new bells were cast in memory of (2 & 3).
The band wish to associate Robert Wilson of Sutton-on-Trent with this quarter peal, as Robert was instrumental in making the new steel ten bell frame!
With thanks to all those who have supported this Bell Project in various ways, which has resulted in it coming to fruition - especially the Southwell & Nottingham Diocesan Guild Bell Fund and the Keltek Trust. Special mention must be made to Geoff Wells & Mick Young who have undertaken the bulk of the bell hanging work (Hawton has become a second home for them both)!

Saturday 26th October, 2019. The final performance of Newarke Canterbury Tales at Canterbury has completed our tasks for the Heritage Lottery. See photo below - you can see from the expressions of Bill Mitchell, Peter Sargeant (the Bishop) and Nita Pearce that the audience in Canterbury were not only encouraged, but literally forced, to join in, but by the end all present were assimilated into the cast and were singing with gusto, and we did not need to whip them at all. There is a DVD forthcoming if anybody would like a copy and the book of the Tales is now published.

Saturday 2nd November, 2019. Dedication of the Hawton Bells by Bishop Tony Porter at 11am. If there are others not already invited who want to come please get in touch with us via the contact details on this website. This will be followed by an exhibition of bell ringing with the aid of the Rambling Ringers from Dordrecht in  The Netherlands as well as our local group under the supervision of Geoff Wells. In the evening at 5pm there will be a celebratory bonfire at the Poplars with food and drink provided.  £10 entrance with proceeds to the Tower and Bell Fund. 


On 6th July, 2019, the bells of Hawton Church  rung for the first time in 70 years at the wedding of Catherine Pykett, a member of the sterling family of Pyketts who have graced Hawton for generations. The bells are not yet in their final position and more need to come from John Taylor's Foundry, but on this paper rerr special day, with the help of Geoff Wells and his sterling bell-ringing and bell-hanging assistants, history, pomp and circumstance came together. Well done, everybody involved. 






As well as supporting the on-going maintenance and repairs to Hawton Church and Churchyard, the small and enthusiastic congregation has raised over £250,000 in funds to improve the facilities and repair the defective tower as well as retuning and augmenting bells. Most of the works have now been completed and a Thanksgiving service was held on 2nd November 2014 at which many of the donors, including WREN and Notts. Historic Churches fund attended. The Church is already popular for weddings and christenings but these new facilities will mean that concerts, talks, events and meetings could be held in the Church, confirming its position as the community centre for Hawton village. 

Since 2012 there have now been dozens of events worth reporting at the church but to keep focus we are now confining details of these for the last two years only.


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The double Piscina

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There is no video clip yet

Here the Newarke pilgrims are exhorting the audience to sing the main song from the production at Canterbury -'Ding dong, the bells of Canterbury'. the last line is on the parchment in the photograph - 'Pilgrims all, towards the bells we go'.

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We look forward to seeing more of you, Tom and Carol, and others from the village. Please let us know what you think of the bells.

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My wife Carol and I are new to the Village of Hawton and our first visit to the Hawton Church was made after only a few days from our arrival, very interesting.

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Hello. I will see if I can get any ringers together. If I can it will only be rounds and call changes and maybe only six bells. Margaret

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