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The famous Easter Sepulchre at All Saints Church Hawton

Hawton,  a small village in Nottinghamshire, in the Diocese of Southwell and the Deanery of Newark, is situated on the River Devon, 1.5 miles south of Newark.  The parish church of All Saints is the only medieval building in the village.  The village itself is now small, with only around 30 houses and a population of 54, and the Church is at its centre (see photo of the church in its village surroundings as shown on ITV at 7.30pm on 18th January, 2018 (Molly is the hen in the foreground). The Church itself is built of Ancaster stone and lias (limestone)  and, from the road, looks as though it was constructed in one operation at about 1480.  However,  the church shows it has a more complex history.  The first church was probably built in 1280 under the supervision of Robert de Compton, who was given the lands of Hawton by Edward I. Subsequently the nave was built in the 14th century and the tower in the 15th . The simple font also dates from the 14th century. The oak screen probably dates from the latter half of the 15thC. Of the many interesting features in Hawton Church, the 14thC Easter Sepulchre is the most famous. Although Easter Sepulchres were common in the Middle Ages, they were rarely permanent fixtures. There are other examples in the area but none of them are as ornate as Hawton's.  It has been said there is not a better example in England.

The Great West Door, the East Window, the double Piscina and the nine identified saints carved on the Sedilia combine to make this small church partuicularly fascinating.  There has been conjecture that masons and carpenters from York, Lincoln and Southwell may have worked on these features.

View of Hawton Church from the viewpoint of hens in the village (taken from ITV programme on 18th January, 2018 (7.30pm))

Helen Tyrer 05.05.2019 07:49

The information about weddings (and baptisms) has been changed. All enquiries about weddings (and baptisms) have to be made to Rev Liz Murray on 01636 525417.

Helen Tyrer 18.04.2019 15:37

It costs around £500 with extras included. Bookings are made at St Peter's Church, Farndon.

Sarah 13.04.2019 10:33

How much is it to have a wedding at the church

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03.01 | 19:19

We look forward to seeing more of you, Tom and Carol, and others from the village. Please let us know what you think of the bells.

03.01 | 19:07

My wife Carol and I are new to the Village of Hawton and our first visit to the Hawton Church was made after only a few days from our arrival, very interesting.

24.12 | 10:24

Hello. I will see if I can get any ringers together. If I can it will only be rounds and call changes and maybe only six bells. Margaret

23.12 | 18:41

We'll see what we can do!