Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair this year (2022) will be held on Saturday, 3rd December at Hawton Church. All are welcome to enjoy the scintillating activities on offer, including the raffle that almost always wins, the cake weighing competition that ratchets up the tension and may be won by the merest ounce, the jams and confectionery  section that is destined to draw in the crowds, and the ineffable reproduction of a well-known Christmas song.  Plus many more attractions that words are too limited to describe. Small fee  to pay at entrance - well, what would you expect for all these goodies?




Church services are now being held at Hawton Chuch at 9.30am on Sundays. Those attending should not longer need to,weface masks, but the use of the hand sanitisers near the entrance is still,desirable. After services  refreshments are provided . 


Once there are clearer indications of the progress of COVID-19 there may be further changes. 


'Prayer goes far beyond merely asking for benefits for oneself or for others. Prayer can be a public act of worship but the person who prays in private feels himself to be alone in the presence of God. This is another way of putting the individual in touch with his deepest feelings. In some religions, no response to prayer from any supernatural being is even expected. Prayer is undertaken, not with the intention of influencing a deity, nor with any hope of prayer is been directly answered, but in order to produce a harmonious state of mind. Prayer and meditation facilitate integration by allowing time for previously unrelated thoughts and feelings to interact. Being able to get in touch with one's deepest thoughts and feelings, providing time for them to regroup theslves into new formations.  and combinations, are important aspects of the creative process, as well as a way of relieving tension and promoting mental health.'   Antony Storr, from Solitude, 1988.



The parish of Hawton w Cotham is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults. We follow the House of Bishops guidance and policies and have our own Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO). 











The Church of England is preparing to take the church into people’s homes – through TV screens, laptops, computers and mobile phones – ahead of the first Sunday without public worship.

Hundreds of churches and cathedrals across the country are to live stream services without congregations, marking Mothering Sunday and a National Day of Prayer and Action tomorrow, which is being observed by all major Christian denominations.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will lead the Church of England’s first national virtual service tomorrow morning. It will be broadcast simultaneously at 8am on the 39 BBC local radio stations in England and as BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship. It will then premier on Facebook through the Church of England’s page at 9am.

Meanwhile the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu will be live streaming a short prayer time on his Facebook page at 10am, 12 noon, 4pm and 6pm on Sunday. The time of prayer will include the Lord’s Prayer and two Taizé Chants and will be around 10 minutes long. 

The Church of England has also issued a special prayer for the National Day of Prayer and Action. The text is below.

Across the country cathedrals, parish churches and non-traditional church gatherings are adapting to the challenges posed by the restrictions on public gatherings to help limit the spread of infection in different ways.

The Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell, said: “The Church has never been a building, it has always been a people.

“We are about to discover what that means.

“From this Sunday onward the Church will meet as usual, but it won’t be happening in our buildings.

“It will be happening in our hearts and in our homes.”

The Nave at Hawton Church (photograph by Peter Mason)
The Easter Sepulchre at Hawton Church (photograph by Peter Mason)
Early 20thC aerial view of Hawton Church and the Rectory (now demolished)

History and present activities at Hawton Church

The west aspect of All Saints' Church across the fields

This is intended to be a comprehensive website for all who wish to know about the life of All Saints' Church in Hawton. We have come to realise that there are many people who have links with, and affection for, this historic and beautiful church but are not necessarily worshipping Christians.  our aim is to make the church the centre of a community, not just Hawton village (which only has a population of 54) but involving a much larger area, especially the village of Cotham to the south and the new housing development taking place just north of Hawton. We lost our village hall several years ago as it had become unsafe, and events that used to take place there can now be carried out in the church itself, so at one level the church can be said to be a community centre also. So, in addition to church services, baptisms, weddings, and funerals we have a panoply of other activities, including open church events on Saturday mornings, with erudite expositions of the amazing stone carvings in the chancel, historical talks, plays, operettas, international links to Canada and to Hawton in the United States, arresting lectures, and invitations to open gardens in the spring and summer. There are two fairs held in the church, in the summer and a month before Christmas, and these are popular events, especially as the quality of the refreshments is universally praised. We are also establishing links with Newark Academy and Magnus Academy schools, whose Art and History departments are including the church in their curricular activities. Ther are many other ways that those interested can become involved in safeguarding the future of this church for our children and their children, and we are keen to explore all of them.

This website exists to raise awareness, promote the importance of the church in the community, and to inform and educate in the broadest sense. A building such as this needs to be celebrated and extolled as a lasting heritage of the past and a beacon for the future. Many improvements have taken place already, but many more are planned, and you can find out about these as you explore these pages.  Please be enthused, and join in when you can.


View of All Saints Church, Hawton in a winter landscape (photograph by Carole Sutton - 1st March (shown on East Midlands Weather in the evening)

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We look forward to seeing more of you, Tom and Carol, and others from the village. Please let us know what you think of the bells.

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My wife Carol and I are new to the Village of Hawton and our first visit to the Hawton Church was made after only a few days from our arrival, very interesting.

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Hello. I will see if I can get any ringers together. If I can it will only be rounds and call changes and maybe only six bells. Margaret

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We'll see what we can do!